Behavioural Consultations

When your dog is displaying problems that are beyond basic poor manners or disobedience, you need to consider having a behavioural consultation – either referred by your vet or booked by you directly.

If your dog is aggressive towards humans or other dogs, training classes will prove ineffective. Similarly, if your dog has issues with guarding food or particular members of the family, bespoke training sessions can help alleviate and manage the problem.

We can help with the following issues:

  • Aggression or reactive towards humans or dogs (i.e. barking, lunging, growling or biting)
  • Demonstrates fear in situations (dog tries to hide from people/dogs/traffic)
  • Noise sensitivity and phobia
  • Resource guarding (dog will sometimes guard food, toys, their bed and even you)
  • Handling issues (dog will snap or growl when being groomed or ears inspected)
  • Territorial guarding (dog guards the house and garden)
  • Separation Issues (dog doesn’t like to be left alone)

A positive approach

We adopt a positive approach when dealing with behavioural issues. In our experience, overly aversive techniques seldom produce results, whereas ethical methods prove effective and make for a happier dog.

We impart knowledge, leaving you with the practical ability to be able to continue the remedial work during your normal daily life.

We select a place conducive to solving the issues in the fastest possible way. It may be that home sessions are best, alternatively an area your dog is unfamiliar with may best suit your particular issue.




We can help your dog overcome fears.




Minimise aggressive reactions.




No more snapping or growling.




Happier being left at home for short periods.

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